September 16th, 2014

LAPD Cadet photo<

Pacific Outdoor Living is proud to announce that each and every dollar raised from the price of admission to the Designer Showcase & Outdoor Living Expo on October 25th will go directly to the LAPD Cadet program.  You can find the LAPD Cadet program active at each police station in the City of Los Angeles.  Young people from around the local community get involved with the program to learn leadership, self-discipline and the ability to rise above adversity in challenging neighborhoods.  The participants are given high expectations in order to join the Cadet program, such as doing well in school, maintain a good moral character and demonstrate a willingness to serve the community.

Pacific Outdoor Living is happy to support such a great program.

Pacific Outdoor Living met with LAPD Cadet Norma Vazquez, who has been in the Cadet program for over 7 years.  She is close to reaching her 21st birthday, which means she will be graduating out of the program soon.  Currently, she is in college and works 2 jobs in addition to putting in time with the Cadet program.  Before joining the program, she had been going through a hard time, as her mom was divorcing and her sister was having some legal trouble.  She became a Cadet at 14, and found that she was better able to deal with life through the lessons taught by the Cadet program.  From it, she told us that she has learned how to influence those who are insecure and weak, and help turn those qualities into strengths.  She looks to become a police officer with the LAPD in the coming months.

The money raised through ticket sales will give at-risk youth the opportunity to go on local field trips to places like museums, national parks and Dodger Games.  In addition, it helps keep the program alive by ensuring enough funding for the Cadets in the future.  Pacific Outdoor Living is working with the Cadet program because we as a company believe the youth of today will make a stronger tomorrow.

To purchase tickets to the Designer Showcase & Outdoor Living Expo and support the Cadet Program click here.

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Hardscaping vs Softscaping

July 16th, 2014

If you’ve been looking into landscape design or exterior home improvement, you’ve most likely heard the terms hardscaping and softscaping. Well, that’s because every landscaping project can be broken down into these two aspects: hardscaping and softscaping. So, what is the difference and how can you use it to plan your own design?

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Design of the Month: The Kearl Residence

June 4th, 2014


Our featured design for the month of June is a full backyard renovation in Shadow Hills! The project includes a pool and spa, fire pit, covered patio space, outdoor kitchen and even a basketball court. We’re very excited about this one and hope you enjoy it!

Scroll down to see a time-lapse video we made showing the project being built from start to finish!

Kearl Residence Swimming Pool and Landscaping

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