Designing External Architecture with Cultural Influences


Each and every year, homeowners invest many resources and personal financing into landscaping the exterior of their homes.

Landscaping a home can become very expensive and can almost take on a new form of art. As is true in art, specific types of architecture and design are inspired by other regions of the world.

Asian landscape design, for example, is a form of external architecture that complements the beauty of the home and the surrounding structures. This type of landscape architecture often uses highly attractive props and architecture elements, including walkways, pavers, well-manicured lawns and more.

The feel of a courtyard garden comes to mind with this type of landscaping.

Landscaping the home is usually the last component gaining attention from the homeowner, however they can be leveraged greatly to create a lasting impression and complement the architecture that is already in place with the home.

Leveraging this can create an added feeling of enhanced image and almost gain a sense of loyalty to the home. These extras go a long way in adding value to the home and creating a unique layout for others to observe.

The traditional design aspects of Asian inspired architecture include a manicured lawn that is rich in color and nutrition, in addition to other props including pavers, walkways and small structures like gazebos, benches and more.

This inspired landscape design is made to have a very comfortable image and present a modern feel of the external environment around the home.

The well-manicured lawn is leveraged as a symbol to represent professionalism and attention to detail. It takes a lot of effort and resources to have a well-designed lawn, but homeowners put the time and effort into this so that they can show a positive image of their exterior and to complement their home.

Using pavers, walkways and small structures including gazebos and benches, the homeowner looks to complement both the lawn and the home. These elements add a sort of courtyard feeling to the external environment and are really at the center of Asian inspired landscape design.

As homeowners continue to invest resources into improving their home exterior, it is important to consider all of the various types of external architecture and design aspects that go into these. A little bit of culture can go a long way in solidifying the strength and the beauty of your home.