Featured Design of the Month

featured design Yu Residence Pool and Spa

Our featured design for the month of May is a complete pool and patio space for an estate in Shadow Hills!

When Mr. and Mrs. Yu originally met with us, they were only looking to add a garden to their backyard. The property was on a large plot of land that had been left rather empty and displeasing.

Mr. Yu met with the designer and they began working on a simple plant life arrangement, without any water features. But when he visited the Design Center and saw the ponds and pondless waterfalls on display, he was excited to get one for his backyard.

The designer was ready to start on a pond design for him, but 2 days later Mr. Yu called and said he and Mrs. Yu now wanted a new pool. This project went from a simple garden to a pool with a waterfall, patio area, outdoor kitchen and complete paver walkway.
They wanted everything to have a natural look and feel, so the pool features a rock waterfall and flagstone border. Matching paving stones all along the backyard will lead to the expansive patio, which will have a full outdoor kitchen. This includes a grill, burners, a sink and plenty of storage space for all the cooking supplies.
A unique feature to this yard is that it will be split into two levels. The patio and kitchen will be at ground level, but the pool is built on a platform 18 inches higher. The steps and caps will all be done in travertine.

The featured design project is expected to be completed in 6 to 8 weeks and is sure to be an amazing outdoor space.