Flower of the Month : Galanthus

galanthus or snowdrop

Galanthus, commonly known as Snowdrop, is a genus of perennial plants sprouting large bulbs with white tepals. They are one of the first plants to bloom, letting us know that spring is approaching. In warmer climates, they can even bloom all through the winter.

Snowdrops can grow up to 6 inches tall, and all though are 75 different kinds of Snowdrops, they are all white in color. If you want to create an effect with this flower, it’s best to plant many of them or mix them in with flowers of other colors.

When Snowdrops bloom, they open to reveal 6 petals. The 3 larger, outer petals are purely white and the 3 smaller, inner ones have green tips. Snowdrops should be planted in a good, well-drained soil and part shade.

Galanthus bloom in early spring, beginning anywhere between January and April, and are a very easy plant to take care of.