How to Pick Outdoor Furniture

how to pick outdoor furniture

No matter how great your new patio looks, you can’t really enjoy it when there’s nowhere to sit. Outdoor furniture is an essential part of your outdoor living space, and care should be given to its selection.

How to pick outdoor furniture? Outdoor furniture needs to stand up against wind, rain and sun exposure, in addition to regular use. Choose quality materials so you can enjoy your patio all year. Here are some tips on picking out the perfect outdoor furniture.

1. Selecting the Right Materials

When choosing the right material for your outdoor furniture, think about how you plan to use it. Some want furniture that can be moved around easily, and others want something sturdy, which feels more like indoor furniture.

Aluminum, plastic and PVC are all materials that are lightweight, rustproof, inexpensive and can be cleaned easily. If you’ll frequently be re-positioning or moving your set-up from grass to stone, one of these 3 would be the best choice.
Steel and wrought iron are both sturdy materials that make great tables and chairs. They do need to be weatherproofed to keep from rusting, though.
There are also natural materials, such wicker and rattan, which last very well outdoors. They can be finished with a resin and weatherproofed every couple of years to keep them looking like new.
Finally, solid wood can be used to create beautiful, unique and extremely durable outdoor furniture. If you’d like your furniture to be the staple of your patio our outdoor space, natural wood is a great choice. It will require regular maintenance and needs to be treated to prevent decay. Choose a strong, weather-resistant wood like cypress, cedar, teak or redwood.

2. Choosing Your Textiles

Textiles made for the outdoors will last much longer than simply taking pillows from your living room and placing them outside. Choose pillows and cushions made from all-weather materials. They will repel water and evaporate moisture quickly, and are usually fade resistant and UV protected as well.
Your couch cushions and pillows should contain zippers so they can be taken out of the cover and replaced or aired out as needed. They should also be double-sided, so you can flip them every so often. This ensures they retain shape and fade evenly.
Avoid the flat cushions with little plush. Choose the ones that are light and inflated, with a springy filler. These will dry out the fastest and resist mold and mildew.

3. Staying in the Shade

Having an umbrella for your table will shelter you and your guests from the summer heat. Otherwise, it might be too unbearable to stay outside for a lengthy period of time. If there isn’t any existing shade, from a tree or patio cover, it’s highly recommended to integrate an umbrella to your area.
Additionally, if you have a wood table or chairs, keeping them shaded will prevent sunlight damage from occurring. When choosing your umbrella, keep in mind that it’ll constantly be in direct sunlight. Bright colors will look faded by the end of the summer. A neutral color is a better choice.
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