Inspiring Landscape Architecture based on the English Garden

There are various sections of the world that inspire art and architecture. When considering the landscape design component of a home and its exterior, the multiple forms of landscape and architecture design become a major factor.

The English garden landscape design was inspired in the 18th century in Europe and was recognized as the more formal garden that people acknowledged and could recognize during the 17th century.

This type of garden and landscaping includes the use of bridges, ponds, lakes, large trees and more. The usage of the lake and other water elements in addition to rolling greens places the lawn at the epicenter of the English landscape design model.

We often times see examples of the English inspired architecture design on large areas of land that includes farmland, temples, homes, manners and even golf courses. The most important component of this to consider is that English landscape design often requires a lot of land so that they can effectively lay out their image.

This is also true because the usage of water and lakes are integral components of this landscape design work. In fact, it is said that the English garden inspired other areas of the world including Russia and France to adopt these principles and to implement into their architecture considerations as well.

There are, although some small homes and manners that can also include this design. Again, understanding the important fact that land is heavily required to properly lay out this design, we oftentimes see this amongst larger properties.

This model can be applied in smaller areas of land however not on such a grand scale. The English garden transformed into a smaller scale which would be more eye-catching and attractive to the average person dated back to the early 19th century. This started to include the heavy usage of shrubbery, walks, large trees and flowers.

When people think of modern-day English gardens and English design of landscapes, we often think of a more modernize form that we commonly see amongst everyday life. This includes flowers, shrubbery and other small and simple components.

These modern elements allow for a small-scale English garden to be included in everyone’s home given the small size. Similar to Asian inspired and other types of external architecture, the English inspired has a more simple and classic feel to it and does an excellent job in complementing the natural beauty of the home.