Asian Landscape Design

Asian Landscape DesignRelaxing Asian Landscape Designs and Styles

Asian landscape design has become an increasingly popular tool in modern architecture. We feel that all landscape designs should reflect the true beauty of nature and offer a calm and relaxing environment. Incorporating Asian gardening techniques is a perfect way to achieve that goal.

Asian garden designs can include a variety of different styles:

Tea gardens

One of the most popular styles of Asian landscaping is the tea garden, with an enchanting garden that surrounds a charming tea hut. Tea gardens are perfect for areas small or large.

Koi pond design

Koi Pond Retreats

What better way to relax and unwind after a long day then in your own private koi pond retreat. Incorporating a bridge, aquatic plants and koi fish, this retreat creates a great place to relax in solitude or entertain family and friends.

Japanese stroll gardens

Combining many different oriental styles Japanese stroll gardens utilize guiding pathways that lead through an array of elegant bonsais and other miniature replicas of nature.

Zen gardens

One of the most unique styles of Asian landscape and art is the popular Zen garden. Incorporating rocks and raked gravel to represent water around islands, Zen gardens provide a stunning focal point for any landscape design.

Asian style fountain

With all of the different Asian landscape design styles there are endless ways to create your dream outdoor living space. Feel free to fill out one of our Instant Estimate Forms or call us at (888) 600 – 7224 to receive a free in home consultation with one of our professional landscape designers.



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