Mediterranean Landscape Design

See what influences and elements go into a Mediterranean landscape design.

Mediterranean landscape goes back a long way, and over the years has picked up influences from many locations and cultures. It originated in Arabia, but incorporates elements from ancient Greece, Rome and Italy. It’s a style that evokes the atmosphere of the Mediterranean Sea, with its clear waters, vegetation, and hot, dry climate. As Southern California has the same climate conditions, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are looking for Mediterranean landscape design or Mediterranean elements brought into their existing design. Let’s look at some of the elements that go into a Mediterranean design.

ColorColor: Earth tones are prevalent in Mediterranean color schemes, and you’ll see a lot of browns, grays, golds and other such colors in Mediterranean design. It also borrows from the sea and the the countryside, so deep blues and greens are present as well.

Water FeaturesWater Features: Pools, ponds and fountains are all a part of Mediterranean design and can be utilized in many ways. These can be as big or as small as you want, and will give you a good opportunity to add accent features and bright colors as well.

FurnitureFurniture: Mediterranean furniture is normally made up of large, rustic pieces, utilizing old timber and accentuating flaws and imperfections in the wood. The tables and chair commonly have large legs and are very sturdy. The wood can be carved in elaborate designs. The furniture should highlight the landscape and have a natural feel to it.

AccentsAccents and Accessories: Water basins, flower pots and lanterns can all be used to decorate the area and make the space your own. Use materials that have a natural and aged feel, such as wood, wrought iron, clay and wicker. You can also bring in textiles to add color and pattern. Rugs and tapestries can really enhance the area, and even smaller items like pillows and drapes can go a long way.

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