Our Crews

Crew working on a job

We have crews that specialize in demo, pavers, masonry, carpentry, pools, ponds and water features, irrigation and planting.

We had a choice to have each crew handle all the aspects of the job from demo through the planting or making specialized crews that independently handle each trade. We found the benefits of the latter far outweighed the former. It is very difficult to train and teach someone to be a pro at one trade little own a pro at 5 or 6 trades.

Our Training

At Pacific Outdoor Living we saw the need to train our own crews since there is no real training the exists in southern California today. Basically the guys learn from the other guys and sometimes they can develop some bad habit.

To consistently deliver a very standard product that we can be proud of and our customers will rave about we needed to develop training courses for each one of the 8 trades which are; demo, pavers, masonry, carpentry, ponds, pools, irrigation and landscaping. These courses cover not only the practical aspect of each of the many steps involved in in building an outdoor kitchen, pergola or installing a Pavingstone driveway but the theory behind each one of these steps. The knowledge of “why” something is being done not just “how” is necessary in gain a complete professional. This results in men that can think and do the right thing for the right situation. Our goal in our training process is to provide each crew member with the need know how so that he will be able to use judgement when he is building something. Otherwise you will get the same sized footing for a half of dozen different situations when in fact there should have been a half of different sized footings.

The Apprenticeship Consists of Classroom Study:

Drills to Test Their Understanding:

Practical Drills in the Field:

A Final Test: