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Ponds, Waterfalls and Streams

Adding a pond, waterfall and stream to your landscaping design is a magical combination of rocks, plant textures and liquid motion which you will enjoy all year round.  Ponds from California Waterscapes are a little different than other ponds, and we think that's a good thing!

We pride ourselves on building custom ponds that consistently exceed our customer's expectations. We only use the highest quality products to build our natural ecosystem ponds, waterfalls, and streams.

The system we install is a revolutionary system that works with nature, not against it. There is no use of toxic chemicals. Our water features are low maintenance and chemical free and are built to meet your design and backyard landscaping needs.

We will create a beautiful, low maintenance pond with Koi fish, a waterfall, and a stream that you will really enjoy.

When one of our pond installations is complete, the rock, boulder, and plant design look completely natural. The waterfall circulates the water and adds a wonderful soothing relaxing sound. All for much less than you think!

Visit our waterscapes website, California Waterscapes is a division of Pacific Outdoor Living: www.CaliforniaWaterscapes.com

Visit our Waterscapes Gallery to see more pictures of our beautiful ponds, waterfalls, and streams.


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