Which Landscape Design is Right for You?

landscape style ideas

When it comes to remodeling your backyard or making changes to your patio, you’re presented with an unlimited number of choices regarding the style, colors, materials and overall design.

The best way to begin is to choose the landscape style you like the best and design within its guidelines. Of course, these styles don’t have to be strictly adhered to and they can even be combined to create something that’s truly unique and your own. However, having a specific style in mind when starting will help the designer and you know which direction to go forward in.

Below, we’ve listed out landscaping style favorites and their qualities. You can use it as a reference point to start thinking with designing your new landscape.

French Garden

If you crave order and consistency, the French formal garden is a good design choice for you. This design style is characterized by its symmetry of elements, straight paths and geometric shapes. It adheres to the idea that uniformity should be held above nature. Therefore, this garden is carefully and precisely grown and cared for, not allowing it to go off in all directions. The garden and landscape should highlight the home and give it a proper introduction.

English Garden

English gardens seek to create a more natural look that’s much less formal and symmetrical than the traditional gardens of the Italians and French. English gardens consist of many curved lines and winding pathways, bordered off by low shrubs and hedges. Greenery plays a big role, creating lines and directing the viewer’s eye. You can add an arbor or arch as an entryway or to enclose and divide spaces. Statues, benches and fountains can be used as focal points and to create an antiquated feel to the area.

Mediterranean Landscape

Mediterranean landscape design is full of bright colors, terracotta veneer and water features. It takes after the landscape style found in cities along the Mediterranean Sea, and since the climate there is so similar to that found in Southern California, it’s no surprise that it’s become so popular among homeowners there. The color palette features many Earth tones and sea colors, so you’ll get a mix of browns and golds with deep blues and greens.

Modern Design

Modern Landscape Design uses a minimalistic approach in which open space is a design element in itself. Lush gardens are traded in for a select few plants, carefully chosen and placed. Rather than grass, the use of tile and gravel is more prevalent and sections are set off from one another to give the area space. It features clean lines, geometric shapes and very little decoration. If you’re looking to create the biggest effects with the fewest elements possible, this is the landscape style choice for you.

Oriental Landscape Design

If you like the idea of positive and negative space but wish to have greenery as well, an oriental-themed landscape might be a good fit. Japanese Rock Gardens are a wonderful choice as they offer peace and tranquility, make great use of open space and have lush vegetation all along their boundaries. Asian gardens are great meditative settings and use key focal points such as statues, fountains or waterfalls. Landscaping is present but doesn’t fill up the whole space.

By getting together with a professional landscape designer and working together, you can design a landscape that’s beautiful, unique and fitting. To speak with one of our designers, just fill out the form on the right or give us a call at: (818) 244-4000.