Logan Paul pond

Exclusive: Building a Dream Koi Pond for Logan Paul in 24 Hours

When Logan Paul approached our pond division California Waterscapes with the idea for his dream koi pond, we had to say, “Yes!” Logan sought out the best pond builders “in the game” so naturally, he found us. The crew had a blast installing Logan Paul’s dream pond in under 24 hours. California Waterscapes helped transform his backyard from boring towards his dream zen backyard at his famous Maverick House.


Logan Paul pond

Logan Paul pond crew getting ready for the 24 hour build.

Building the Pond in Under 24 Hours

Building the pond for Logan Paul in under 24 hours was not impossible but it was a fun challenge. The California Waterscapes team joined 30 Aquascape contractors. Normally, a pond of this size would take an average contractor three or four days to complete. We had over 30 contractors who came from all over the United States to help. Not only did we have plenty of hands, but we also have over 20 years of experience. There was no question that we would complete the pond in under 24 hours. Logan Paul found the perfect contractors to complete his dream pond.


Logan Paul pond

Turning Logan Paul’s Dream Koi Pond into Reality

Logan wanted his pond to match his zen-themed backyard. Keeping this in mind, we added koi fish to the pond and designed small sections of landscaping near the water. We created an hourglass shaped pond to complement the large width of the yard. Additionally, the land in the yard is very flat, so we made sure to add different levels to the pond to make it look natural. One way we did this was by installing a two-foot waterfall that the water traveled down. We also added large pots to create different heights across the pond. We installed the pond in front of his personal gym. He wanted to be able to see the pond on the way to his gym in the mornings, so we installed a hand-crafted bridge that connects the gym to the rest of the yard. The final result is gorgeous! Check out these photos to see how the process went.


Logan Paul pond










Logan Paul pond Logan Paul pond Logan Paul pond Logan Paul pond Logan Paul pond Logan Paul pond


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