How to Choose Among Los Angeles Landscape Contractors

Deciding on the best Los Angeles landscape contractor can seem intimidating. We’re here to demystify how to select the right landscaper near you, including a checklist of factors to consider from any professional landscaping company.

A gorgeous landscape doesn’t just pop up from the Southern California soil. Thoughtful design and a conscientious installation crew are the keys to planting success. Careful planning and attention to detail can not only make your property the envy of the block, but will also set the bar for property value in your neighborhood.

There are thousands of landscapers in Southern California. Whether you require a few minor tweaks or a complete overhaul, choosing a good landscape contractor will make your entire experience more pleasant.

3 Kinds of Los Angeles Landscape Contractors

Japanese Zen Garden at a private homePacific Outdoor Living has designed and transformed thousands of properties in Southern California. We can spot an excellent job when we see one. There are many gifted designers and some quality landscaping companies out there and we love when competitors take the time to do the job right.

We find Los Angeles landscapers fall into one of 3 main categories:





1. Jack of All Trades

Landscaping truck towing two lawnmowersThis company has one crew. The owner wears many hats including:  landscape design, material ordering, salesman, project manager, billing, etc. Just because it’s a small operation doesn’t make it an inherently a bad choice, but using a Jack of All Trades could lead to some potential problems.

When one person is the key to a company’s success, it can put a huge strain on that individual and cause problems for the homeowner. Problems can compound on multiple projects and backlogs can increase. Project installations can stretch weeks or months past their promised time. Getting a hold of a Jack of All Trades can also be difficult if they’re overworked.



It could be an opportunity to save some money or simplify the process, but be careful that your Jack of All Trades isn’t a Master of None. These companies are rarely considered among the top Los Angeles landscapers.

2. Large Installation Company

Close-up of a gardening spade entering the soilSome landscape companies only perform installations. They are often subcontracted by a landscape designer to install the project their client accepted. Designers will often find one of the cheapest subcontracted installation companies to maximize their profit.

Large installation companies are usually not among the best. They can have poor employee retention and may use unskilled labor that can throw plants into the ground in a hurry. They often do not offer a warranty on plants they install.

Even if you find a landscape designer you love, be careful to weigh this factor. A beautiful design can turn into an installation disaster if the team doesn’t all have the same commitment to success.

3. Design & Build Company

Using drought-tolerant plants in landscapingLandscape design and build companies are generally your best bet. All the aspects of your landscaping project are managed in-house. From customer service, design, project management, and installation, the team focuses on working together.

However, design and build companies aren’t all created equally. The best landscape contractors in Los Angeles have a long track record of amazing clients and retaining quality team members.




What Questions Should You Ask Your Landscaper?

The best landscapers in Los Angeles handle design and buildMost landscapers claim to be the best at their craft. However, choosing the wrong landscape contractor could not only prove to be a poor investment, but could also bring a lot of frustration during and after your project.

Ask plenty of questions when interviewing potential contractors to find the best choice for you. You’ll want to inquire about their company history, their workers, and previous customers.

Your landscape contractor should have:

  • Valid and verified California contractor license
  • Proof of liability insurance of at least $2 million
  • Workers compensation insurance on ALL of their team
  • Landscaping Industry association memberships and credentialed team members (such as degrees in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Design, ICPI and NALP Certified)
  • Many validated online reviews and ratings on sites such as Google, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, that have a 4.5 star rating or higher
  • Testimonials from many happy clients
  • Galleries of completed local projects

Pacific Outdoor Living:  A Complete Solution

Wood Patio Cover and Swimming Pool in backyardOver the past couple decades, Pacific Outdoor Living has transformed thousands of outdoor areas. Our company provides expert design and installation services for not only planting areas, but many other outdoor improvements.


Pacific Outdoor Living’s Design & Build services include:

  • Planting Areas
  • Patios & Walkways
  • Pools
  • Fire Features
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Carpentry
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Water Features
  • Masonry

Using our team that can handle any aspect of your property’s improvement will ensure that you’re working with one of the best landscapers in Los Angeles (rated 4.5 stars with over 100 reviews on Yelp).

Pacific Outdoor Living:  In-House Expert Landscapers

Carpentry Stair Rail with Pool and JacuzziBy employing landscape designers, project managers, and expert installers, Pacific Outdoor Living is able to make sure your landscape plan is a success from concept to installation.

Our hardworking team members are continuously learning how to be the best in their niche. Whether installing plants, pools, patios, or structures, our landscaping experts don’t just get the HOW, but take to heart the WHY of what they are doing on your property.

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal. We would love to transform your property whether big or small. By choosing Pacific Outdoor Living for your next project, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.


Pacific Outdoor Living crew in front of the Marriott jobOur expert team is ready to amaze you! Read reviews of our happy clients and their experience with Pacific Outdoor Living. Feel free to check out our gallery of projects. Go ahead and search online for reviews of our company. When you’re ready to ask us more questions about your landscaping project, we’d be happy to talk!

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