Why Fall is the Best Time to Start Planting

We all love when the leaves change color.. but not so much when they all fall off. Despite the look of your landscaping, fall is a very crucial time for your plants' growth and well-being! 

Here are 3 Crucial Tips for Fall Planting 


1. Winter is a Great Time to Get Back to Your Roots!

Whether you have newly planted landscaping or more mature plants, establishing a healthy root system is crucial. Fall is a pivotal point for a plant’s growth. Most shrubs and trees go dormant in the winter, but the root system never stops growing. In fact, because the plant slows down, the root system gets all the rerouted energy and grows faster than other times of year.

2. Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize!

Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your landscaping. Fertilizing helps give your plants the boost they need to make it through winter so it’s a good time to fertilize before the cold of winter. We recommend to fertilize by the first few weeks of November at the latest as fertilizer is usually not very effective once the temperature drops. Fertilizing will also help your lawn stay a little greener and help roots establish even more so. 


3. Keep Hydrated

Although Southern California is not the rainiest of places, we see an average of 12 inches of rain throughout the winter months. Another great way to take advantage of the rainy season is to add new landscaping to your yard ahead of time. By planting in fall, you utilize the weather to help you care for your plants. Watering your plants, especially if you do not have an irrigation system, can be a frustrating experience. Planting in the fall can help alleviate that if only for a few months. Not to mention you'll save on water costs! 

Southern California Pro Landscapers

Pacific Outdoor Living has a team of talented designers and plant specialists to help you get the most out of your yard this fall. Besides planting & fertilizing, there’s quite a few other things that we can help you with to make this winter count for your home! We can install and repair your outdoor lighting, mulch the garden beds, do an irrigation system check and adjust sprinkler timer programming. Reach out to us with any of your fall planting questions.


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