Water conservation is a big deal right now, and because there is a need to save water many people want to know, are drip irrigation systems a good way to go? With the laws being enforced on water consumption, you are going to make the most of what you use. With drip irrigation, you will be able to zero in on the areas you need watered and not waste it by spraying everywhere. The video below will get into some more details.

Drip irrigation systems focus the water used to go straight to the roots which causes less waste, this is best for potted plants and raised planters. Also when watering trees this is the best way to go, by adding a couple drip emitters around the tree you can do what is called “deep watering”. This will help the roots to grow downward rather than coming up through the surface, and by having more control on the root growth you can save your hardscape from being cracked by large roots.

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