Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips to Enhance Your Landscaping

For many people, cooking and dining are integral to outdoor entertaining.

Luxury outdoor living spaces would, more often than not, include an outdoor kitchen. And since an outdoor kitchen should allow for the same function and ease you enjoy in your indoor kitchen, incorporating it in your landscaping requires careful planning.

By applying these outdoor kitchen design tips, you’d love your landscaping even more. Taking celebrations outdoors will be a lot simpler. And cooking no longer has to separate you from the party. Let’s get started!

1. Build for Convenience

Stay present in the party even when you’re hard at work in the kitchen. Keep your outdoor kitchen close to the outdoor dining and living rooms. 

Make sure to look into utilities such as water, electricity, and gas lines. Also, divide the space between hot, cold, wet, and dry zones. You’d want grills and pizza oven in the same section, and the storage and food preparation areas close together.

Consider as well the usual number of guests you are likely to entertain and how often you are likely to. Manage flow of traffic by keeping outdoor kitchen areas that are likely to attract people, such as the fridge or the bar, at a distance from the cooking or food preparation area.

2. Study Location

Plan for shading as extra sunny days can dampen enjoyment of your outdoor kitchen. Even if your outdoor kitchen is built for exterior use, you’d still want to protect it from constant exposure to outdoor elements.

Look into wind direction. Make sure that the smoke doesn’t find its way inside the house. Also, you might want to maintain view of your outdoor kitchen from indoors so consider this as well.

Pick a location away from the play area. You want the kitchen space all on your own while preparing food, and not worry about objects that may accidentally fly in.

3. Consider Features You’re Adding

The size of your outdoor kitchen depends on features you want integrated to it. With that, take note of appliances you’ll need, especially if you’re working on a limited space.

Think about everything you want accessible when you’re working in your indoor kitchen. Don’t forget practical add-ons such as a trash bin.

You’d also need ample space for food preparation. That is, if you’re looking to prepare, cook, and serve food outdoors.

Allow for storage space too in your outdoor kitchen design. This would help minimize tendencies of you rushing back and forth your indoor kitchen.

4. Prioritize Safety in Your Outdoor Kitchen Design

An outdoor kitchen is usually built adjacent to the pool area. Keep safety first, especially if you have kids who are most likely to run around. Choose slip-resistant paving materials.

A shade when you’re cooking is good, but be cautious of your choice of materials as well as the structure you’re building, itself. You don’t want anything that might catch fire near the stove or grill.

5. Invest in Durable Materials

Invest in materials that would withstand exposure to outdoor elements. Most of the action will take place where the cook and food preparation is, consider materials that are resistant to grease and other stains, especially for your outdoor flooring.

6. Light Up Your Work and Entertainment Space

Don’t forget your task lighting so you can extend use of your outdoor kitchen long into the night. Install lighting directly above the cooking or preparation areas so you can see the food clearly.

Also, even if you have an arbor or pergola covering your outdoor kitchen, test still how your outdoor lighting holds up to wet or damp conditions.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your day of fun and relaxation! Look as well into mosquito repellent lighting options, from lanterns to citronella candles.

7. Think Ultimate Outdoor Living Experience

Your outdoor kitchen does not have to require a significant square footage. It can be built with as simple as an outdoor grill or BBQ with few chairs and a table nearby. It should be a convenient place though, allowing for ease of movement.

An outdoor kitchen design sure requires work. However, with an investment as important as this, it’s better to labor hard in the beginning than deal with costly repairs after project completion.

To ensure that your custom built outdoor kitchen gives you long-term enjoyment, consider hiring Southern California landscape design professionals to help you out. Take a look at previous projects and customer referrals as you compare contractors.