Putting Green For The Backyard

Ask any real golf enthusiast if they would like their own putting green in the backyard and get ready to see their eyes light up. Installing backyard putting green has been a growing trend amongst homeowners in the recent years.

There is definitely something about having your very own putting green to practice on, especially when heading out to the golf course isn’t always possible. It finally brings a part of the great game of golf home, and it can make a dead space into a useful one. 

Since the turf used for these putting greens is artificial, you also have next to zero maintenance to worry about once it’s installed. The turf will give the golf ball a true roll, so that way the stroke that you practice with on your putting green will be the same stroke you use on the course.

Durability is not an issue either, as the turf is UV coated to protected from the sun and can withstand any of the elements. Give us a call to get an estimate down for your next project.