Spring Is Planting Time!

With the cold winter behind and beautiful days ahead, spring has finally sprung!

In SoCal, this means sunny days and pleasant weather, but not the summer heat just yet. This is the perfect time to establish lawns, trees, shrubs & tender perennials.  It’s also the perfect time to get everything ready for summer swim parties, backyard barbecues and the outdoor living we’re accustomed to.

Before you know it, the hot 100 degree days will be upon us, so now is a great time to plan and install your outdoor personal paradise.  Getting your plants established soon will help in them developing a sturdy root system that will sustain them from the impending heat.

While it’s easy to just go to the local nursery and hire the gardener to plant everything, nothing comes out better than when it’s planned out, all the options are considered and the best choices for your micro-climate are made. Working with a professional who understands not only your wishes but the technical issues that your individual property faces is ideal.

At Pacific Outdoor Living, we have Trained Landscape Consultants who will work with you, typically at no-cost and will come up with a planting scheme that meets your needs and YOUR budget.

The process generally goes like this:

  1. A free consultation appointment is made with all the people who will be involved in the design and budgetary decisions.
  2. At the meeting, the consultant will discuss your needs, show you ideas and pictures similar to what you’re looking for. This should end up with a rough sketch of what you desire.
  3. The Consultant will then put together a Preliminary Budget, using our ballparking system. Once the budget is known, the consultant will revise budget & the sketch until you feel that the budget is realistic.
  4. If the budget and your wishes are in alignment, the Consultant will invite you back to the office, show you a more complete plan and have a final estimate for the work you’ve been discussing.
  5. If all is good, the final plans get routed to our construction division and usually in less than a few weeks, the project is walked by the Job Coordinator, the Consultant and you, the homeowners. Before you know it, the transformation will be complete.

NOBODY works harder or faster than Pacific Outdoor Living does. With specialized crews for each phase of work needed, we come in prepared to deliver High Quality work in a very Quick and Efficient manner. We get nothing but high praise from our customers on how polite, friendly, clean and responsible our installation crews are!!

While this is a free service*, it is imperative that the initial consultation results in a realistic budget that meets your aesthetic needs. Then it’s our job to dazzle you!

Please feel free to call in and speak to one of our Customer Representatives. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you with one of our in-house Landscape Consultants.

* NOTE: Free design applies to projects between $5,000 and $25,000. Acceptance of budgets over this amount is up to the discretion of Landscape Consultant. There are circumstances where a design fee may be required based on elements needed, existing conditions or complexities. In any event, the initial consultation is ABSOLUTELY free.