Tropical Pool with Water Jets and Stone Decking

The 2016 Pasadena Showcase House of Design Pool Space

This year marks our 16th anniversary participating in the Pasadena Showcase House of Design, and we wanted to create something truly spectacular to mark the event. For the third year in a row, we were asked to redesign the swimming pool, and this year we truly went over-the-top with our design.

The Pool

We approached the pool space as an extension of the house and aimed to make it feel like part of the environment. We designed trails leading around the pool and used pool coping that blended into the space. The pool is small in comparison to the home, so we wanted to create a grandness to the space and make it feel more expansive. The pool tile we acquired from Noble Tile, a high-end tile manufacturer based in Las Vegas. We picked a tile that gave the pool an elegant feel, to match the architecture of the home. Behind the spa we laid out some tropical greenery and two old-fashioned lampposts to complete the look. Additionally, we added deck jets to the pool to add some whimsy and elevate it from just an ordinary pool.

Elegant Pool and Spa with Landscaping

Pool Deck

For the pool decking, we used a new stone from Angeles Pavers called Pavilion. It comes in a four-piece pattern, with one of the pieces being 2 feet by 2 feet in size. We felt it gave the area a more luxurious feel, and complemented the rest of the features. It’s the first job that we’ve used this particular paver in such large quantities. We also blended it in with a slate stone on the upper level where the kitchen area is.

The Outdoor Kitchen Space


For the outdoor kitchen, we created a large countertop space, much larger than usual, with the intention of being able to really cook outside. It has a barbecue, a sink, fridge and plenty of storage space. The long counter can be used as a multi-purpose set-up: to cook, as a bar, for catering, etc.


We’ve participated in the Showcase House for 16 years now, and we wanted to try something new with this space- something that would increase the wow factor. We decided to create an artwalk made up of sculptures and water features for guests to walk through. We set up a space to sit and relax while enjoying the art pieces. We felt it added a little bit of whimsy to the pool space. 

In addition to the sculptures, we planted succulents and tropical plants to blend in with the existing palm trees.


Outdoor Garden Space with Water Feature

Garden Walkway with acrylic sculptures

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  • Before-2016 Showcase House
    After-2016 Showcase House
    Before 2016 Showcase House After