Transformation in Progress for Pasadena Showcase 2016

As we’ve shared in our previous post, Pacific Outdoor Living was chosen to renovate the pool area for Pasadena Showcase 2016.

The Dryborough Hall’s pool area is already elegant in itself, but time rendered it looking less than stellar. Our goal is to bring it back to life, make it inviting and useable again.

To give the pool a fresh, new look, we’re redoing its finishes. The attached raised spa will also be treated to a makeover. We’re replacing its coping and tiles to make it as attractive again. Additional water features will also be put in place.

Pasadena Showcase 2016 Transformation in Progress

Before, you’d enjoy a full view of the pool area by looking out the windows. This time, we’re incorporating plant beds along the pool side adjacent to the house to create a sense of mystery and lure guests to meander further into the pool area.

The addition of plants will breathe life and color to the space. Apart from the new plant beds, we’re also adding in planters of varying sizes dressed in vibrant hues.

There’s also a lot in store for the landscaping around the pool. The original paving sadly looks rundown already so we’re removing it to make way for new pavers. Watch out for the final results of the transformation!

The used to be barely noticed area with mature palm trees will also be converted to something a lot more interesting. We’re excited to show you how this area will look after the renovation!

For the final touches, meanwhile, we’re adding plenty of seating options for pool goers. After all, a pool space wouldn’t be complete without a comfortable area to sit at and relax.

Stay tuned for our next post and see this beautiful oasis finally take shape! Check out this link for more information about Pasadena Showcase 2016.