How to Water Plants While On Vacation

Just because you’re leaving town doesn’t mean that your garden doesn’t have to suffer. There ways to water your plants while on vacation.

What Types of Plants Do You Have?

Depending on the types of plants, you will need to determine how much water the plant needs. Adjust the water intake on your programmable timer or drip system before leaving to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

If your plant are drought tolerant, they will require less water than regular plants. Keep this in mind, as overwatering can kill them.

watering plants

Schedule Your Systems to Water Consistently

Making sure that your drip or programmable timer system is water the plants consistently is vital to the health of the plants. With hot temperatures around the corner, make sure that they are getting enough water everyday at the same time. In regions like Southern California, the morning sun can actually cause the water to evaporate too quickly, causing the plants to die since they’re not getting the water they need.

watering plants drip

Using Drip Irrigation

Using a drip irrigation systems has many benefits. It will water your plants while on vacation, but its also more efficient with water usage. You’ll save money on your water bill while you’re away.


Hopefully this guide has helped you learn more about ways to water plants while on vacation. If you feel like you need to consult with a landscaping company for help with watering your plants the right way we make it easy to get started here, or you can fill out the contact form down below. Best of luck in perfecting your backyard!