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Watering Plants the Right Way: 5 Tips for Watering Like An Expert

If watering plants was easy, we could just throw some water onto our plants and be done with it. Unfortunately, great things in life are not so easy to come by. Having a beautiful garden is no exception.

With a few of our tips, your yard should be healthy and properly watered. To get started, you might want to consult with a landscaping company so they can lead you in the right direction with the proper materials and expertise.

 watering plants

Adjust Water Intake Depending on the Type of Plant

Between trees, shrubs, and flowers, these plants are going to need different amounts of water in order to thrive. Much of it has to do with the size of their roots. A 50-year-old tree is going to need a lot more water than a small annual plant. If you have a drought tolerant landscape, make sure you aren’t overwatering it. With a diverse mixture of plants in your yard, be sure to do your homework on how much water each plant requires. If you have a sprinkler system set up, make sure it is adjusted to each plant’s needs.


watering plants

Watering Plants on a Consistent Schedule

On the topic of a sprinkler system, keeping your plants on a consistent schedule is a great way to make sure your plants thrive. The easiest way to do this is with an automated sprinkler system, but you can also manually water your plants, too. During the hotter months of the year, consider sticking to an early morning watering schedule before the sun comes up. In regions like Southern California, the morning sun can actually cause the water to evaporate too quickly, causing the plants to die since they’re not getting the water they need.


watering plants

Watering Plants at the Right Time of Day

Depending on what time of year it is, as mentioned above, you should strategize on when the best time for watering plants is. If you watered your plants in the middle of the afternoon during a heatwave, the water would evaporate too quickly, leaving the plants under-watered and at risk for dying. For most regions, watering in the morning is the best time to hydrate your plants. Depending on the plant type, where you are located, and what time of year it is all need to be considered when setting your watering schedule. This is probably a great place to consult with an expert on your plants.


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Use Drip Irrigation for Watering Your Plants

Want to score major points for your automated watering system? Try watering plants with a drip irrigation system. It’s more efficient with its water usage, so you’re not only saving the earth’s water but you’re saving money on your water bill, too. You’ve probably seen sprinklers before that seem to be watering everything but the plant, causing the sidewalk to get soaking wet while the plants are dead. Now, that’s due to poor sprinkler adjustments, but this is also just how sprinklers are sometimes. It’s more difficult to control what the sprinkler waters, requiring more fine-tuning. With drip irrigation, hoses with holes along them are laid throughout the ground cover and customized to perfectly water the plants. This gives the homeowner much more control over what gets watered. Also, you won’t have to worry about getting wet when you walk through your yard as it’s being watered.


watering plants

Adjust Water Needs as Plants Mature

As you watch your plants grow, their watering needs will change. Watering plants the right way requires tailoring as time goes on. The roots will get bigger and need more water to support the growing plant. This means that your existing automated watering system will need to be adjusted, or you’ll have to stand outside watering your plant longer than you used to. If you find that you’re having trouble growing your plants as big as you hoped, check out our post about landscape growth hacking for special tips. Make sure you carefully monitor your plants’ health as they grow older. They’re probably going to need more water.


Hopefully this guide has helped you learn more about watering plants the right way. If you feel like you need to consult with a landscaping company for help with watering your plants the right way we make it easy to get started here, or you can fill out the contact form down below. Best of luck in perfecting your backyard!