What do with a Water-Hungry Lawn?

Thinking of changing out your lawn but not sure where to start?
Here are a few tips to consider before getting started.

Traditionally, expansive green lawns were common when water was plentiful. They were nice to look at, play on, or have the occasional picnic. But times have changed.

The cons of having a large grass lawn include:

– Extensive upkeep that includes constant watering, mowing and fertilizing.

– Costly water bills, especially in Southern California where droughts are common.

– A never ending battle against weeds.

– It gets little to no use and takes up a lot of space.

grass and hose

If you’re tired of the high water bills for a feature that gets little to no use, then maybe it’s time for a change. However, there are a few things to consider before diving in to a new design.

It is crucial to figure out what your needs are. Here are three questions to ask yourself before getting started.

Is your new space strictly aesthetic?

If your grass plot is in your front yard and you aren’t looking to actively use your space, then going the aesthetic route may be right for you. Incorporate planter beds, pots and sculptures to give your home a nice curb appeal. Using drought-tolerant landscaping, paving stone pathways and other accessories are always a good option for sprucing up your yard and bringing a little something special to it.

Decomposed Granite Walkway

Looking for additional patio space?

If you have always wanted to add a custom feature to your home and extend your patio space, then now’s your chance. Adding a custom paving stone patio is a versatile investment. You can also add an outdoor kitchen, pizza oven or fire feature to take your outdoor space to the next level. Whether you dream is curling up next to your very own outdoor fireplace with a good book or grilling in the open air, you can’t go wrong with adding a patio space.

elegant patio with fireplace and outdoor couches

With endless possibilities to choose from, one choice is very important. That is – choosing the right contractor for the job.

Beware of hiring a contractor who is ill-experienced.

Anyone can dump gravel over an open space. The difference between an experienced contractor and the cheapest option is the outcome. Lower-skilled designers or gardeners will waste your money and time and leave you with a terrible finished product. Hiring a design firm that’ll be able to transform your yard into exactly what you had in mind is crucial. Otherwise, you could be left with a mess that will end up costing you more when you have to hire someone better to fix it down the line.

The best advice we can give you is to spend the extra money and get your job done right the first time by experienced contractors.

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