What is Ez Flo Fertigation?

The EZ-Flo system is a form of fertigation. Fertigation directly injects fertilizer into the irrigation lines. It feeds the plants a micro dose of fertilizer every time they are watered. This allows the plants to grow strong, healthy, and look their best year-round.

Ez Flo System Text

This system is better than the traditional method of fertilizing with granular or liquid fertilizer. These traditional forms of fertilization create a “feast or famine” situation for the plants. The plants put on a lot of new growth in spurts that look good for the short term, but causes an overextension of the plant growth that is not sustainable in the long term. The plants have more food than they know what to do with initially and then they have no food for the next 3-6 months. This allows the plants to become susceptible to pests and disease as the fertilizer dissipates after its first application.

With a micro dosage of fertilizer through the EZ-Flo system, your plants can take up nutrients as needed on a year-round basis. This enables the plants to always have the food they need to put on steady growth. Moderation in fertilizer application is the key to healthy plants.

Ez Flo Before
Ez Flo After

Notice the concrete block wall when the plantings were first installed. Many plants were 1-2 gallon plants when installed. What homeowner wouldn’t want to be able to entertain in this backyard after only one year!

Ez Flo Before 2
Ez Flow After 2

Homeowners have to live with new landscapes for 4-5 years before they mature and fill in. We’ve heard it called “living with sticks”. These results are automatic when used with a standard in-ground irrigation system.

Notice those one gallon purple shrubs flanking the weeping cherry tree above when they were just planted and 1 year later. Believe it or not, it’s still there in the second shot but now its covered in lush foliage! Wouldn’t you like this to be your Demo Home?

The EZ-Flo system also has the capability to treat for insects and pests. We can mix the fertilizer your plants need with an organically formulated pest repellent and specially formulated insect repellent. This will take care of everything from gophers, rabbits, moles, voles, and more. Fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, and mosquitos can be controlled with the insect repellent. The best part about these products is the fact that they will not poison your pets, children, or the critters that may have you at your wits end.

Our EZ-Flo program includes an installation of the EZ-Flo tank that will directly inject fertilizer into your irrigation system every time it irrigates your plants.

Ez Flo Tank On Angle
Ezflo 10gal Inground

Our program also includes an installation of a fertilizer package after the installation of the tank that will last 3 months. We recommend signing up for our Quarterly Service program to have a qualified technician come out to your house every 3 months. They will install a customized fertilizer package on each visit to take care of your specific plant needs. The technician will also evaluate your landscape and leave you a detailed report of what is doing well or what can be done better. This enables you to enjoy your landscape to its fullest potential without having to put in any extra work.