Why Use Native Plants for Your Landscape Design

Use Native Plants such as Blue Eyed Grass

Does the drought keep you from incorporating plants into your landscape design?

You can still get started on your dream garden because you can make one that’s low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly.  And you need not look far as you can always use native plants.

Feature the beauty of  Southern California into your garden, use native plants, help the environment, and in turn enjoy several benefits.

1. Less Maintenance Work

Native plants can survive harsh conditions with minimal care and attention. They do not require much of your time looking after them as they have already evolved with the climate and even soil condition in our region. You eliminate the need for fertilizers as they can thrive without it, hence pulling down maintenance cost.

2. Water-Saving

By taking advantage of drought-tolerant plants, you’re able to curb water use in your garden. There’s no need to feel guilty about keeping a lush foliage because once established, these plants would need only minimal irrigation.

3. Attracts Wildlife

With the help of native plants, you can invite wildlife to your home. Native insects coexist with native plants. These are plants they consider as natural food source, and which they have adapted with over time. They also provide backyard birds a place where they can nest. These insects and birds can keep mosquitoes as well as plant-eating bugs at bay.

4. Reduces Need for Pesticides

Using pesticides can as well harm beneficial insects in your garden. Toxins can also reach watersheds hence polluting water sources. When you use native plants, you can as well skip using chemicals without worrying about pests. These hardy plants thrive in local conditions and can protect themselves from pests. When you do away from pesticides, you allow natural pests to grow and consequently, keep contaminates from watersheds.

If you’re thinking of replacing your lawn for a drought-tolerant landscaping, it’s best to start planning as early as possible. The cool weather from spring to fall will help establish root system before summer comes again. To use native plants is to add beauty to your landscape design, all while taking part in saving the environment.