What is the Best Time of Year to Plant Trees & Shrubs in Southern California?

Planting trees and shrubs around your property is a great way to improve the look of your home, increase its value and add curb appeal. But in an area like Southern California, which suffers from extremely dry summers and rainy winters, finding the best time to plant may seem like a guessing game. Best Time […]

Ficus Trees in California and How to Control Their Invasive Roots

Ficus trees have been widely used in Southern California landscaping and as street trees for the past several decades. Closely related to the common Fig tree, this non-native tree gained popularity because of its multi-season interest as an evergreen tree with versatile uses. Problems with Ficus trees in California cities see these trees cracking sidewalks […]

Do I Need a Landscape Architect for My Southern California Home?

Patios, pools, pavilions, plantings, pavers oh my! Beginning the process of renovating your property can be a ponderous pursuit! There are many items to be discussed, contractors to interview, and a couple very essential questions to sort out to determine which landscaping company is best for you. Do I need a landscape architect for my […]

Red Masonry Walkway with Flowers

Our 5 Best Flowering Trees for Southern California Landscaping

One of the keys to a stunning landscape design is creating focal points with strategically placed flowering trees. There are dozens of gorgeous choices, so narrowing down the best flowering trees Southern California has to offer can be difficult. Pacific Outdoor Living has used dozens of species of flowering trees over the years. After thousands […]

Flower of the Month Galanthus

Flower of the Month : Galanthus

Galanthus, commonly known as Snowdrop, is a genus of perennial plants sprouting large bulbs with white tepals. They are one of the first plants to bloom, letting us know that spring is approaching. In warmer climates, they can even bloom all through the winter.

English Primroses

The Best Winter Flowers for Your Garden

Winter doesn’t have to mean dead flowers, drab colors and a lifeless backyard. There are certain flowers that can still bloom and add a rich, vibrant appearance to your garden, even during the winter months. Let’s take a look at a few of the best winter flowers for your garden.

Flower of the Month: Million Bells

Million Bells is the common name given to the Calibracoa flower, a perennial plant that blooms large, bright flowers and requires minimal care, even during the summer. Its flowers drop when they fade, so the plant doesn’t require deadheading. Million Bells grow six to ten inches tall and spread out over walls and containers, depending […]

Aster Flower Arrangement

Flower of the Month: The Aster Flower

Asters, also known as Michaelmas daisies, are perennial flowers that bloom in late summer and fall. They come in several bright colors like white, pink, purple and red.