Shasta Daisy

Flower of the Month: The Shasta Daisy

The Shasta daisy is considered by many gardeners to be the best kind of daisy. It resembles the common meadow daisy, but blooms larger and in more abundance. Plus, it’s very easy to care for and grows contained, meaning it won’t take over your garden. It’s actually a hybrid plant created from 3 species in […]

Blanket Flower
Flower of the Month: The Blanket Flower

The blanket flower is a plant similar to the daisy, that’s a perfect choice for the coming summer. Botanically known as Gaillardia, there are over 30 species of this perennial plant which are native to North America. They grow 1 to 3 feet in height and contain many fringed petals in colors like yellow, orange, […]

Purple Gerbera Flowers

Flower of the Month: Gerbera

Gerbera is the genus name given to a kind of ornamental plant native to South Africa. It’s common name is the African Daisy. It thrives in well-drained, sandy soils. Each plant contains many colorful daisy-like flowers, in colors like yellow, orange, white, red and pink. The only colors they won’t bloom in are true blues […]

Sun Star Flower

Flower of the Month: Sun Star

The Sun Star, botanically known as Ornithogalum dubious, is a perennial bulbous plant. It’s part of the Hyacinthaceae family and endemic to South Africa. It gets its name from the bright cluster of orange petals atop its sturdy stem. Each stem grows up to a foot high and is topped with up to 20 of […]

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