The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass for Home Lawns

Regardless of generational, cultural, or geographical differences, people love their lawns. Grass areas are wonderful for not only the environment but also provide functional and psychological benefits for homeowners and their families. However, maintaining a beautiful lawn also comes with a degree of work. Whether your routine ranges from mowing when you just can’t stand […]

Outdoor Lighting Tips for Enjoying Your Landscape All Day

How Much Should You Spend on Landscaping to Increase the Value of Your Southern California Home?

Americans are moving more than ever and on average relocate every seven years. When it comes time to sell your home, it’s important that you’re able to make a profit. Few things are worse than selling a home and losing money on it. You’ve probably heard that investing in landscaping will help you increase the […]

What is the Best Time of Year to Plant Trees & Shrubs in Southern California?

Planting trees and shrubs around your property is a great way to improve the look of your home, increase its value and add curb appeal. But in an area like Southern California, which suffers from extremely dry summers and rainy winters, finding the best time to plant may seem like a guessing game. Best Time […]

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

Our Thoughts on How Much to Spend on a Gas Grill

Ah, the smell and taste of a juicy, perfectly-seared steak cooked to perfection. It’s no surprise that backyard grilling has become one of the favorite hobbies of home gourmets worldwide. There’s something about cooking over that raw power that evokes our primal instincts. Trends repeatedly indicate that Southern California homeowners are devoting more time and […]

Do I Need a Landscape Architect for My Southern California Home?

Patios, pools, pavilions, plantings, pavers oh my! Beginning the process of renovating your property can be a ponderous pursuit! There are many items to be discussed, contractors to interview, and a couple very essential questions to sort out to determine which landscaping company is best for you. Do I need a landscape architect for my […]

Red Masonry Walkway with Flowers

Our 5 Best Flowering Trees for Southern California Landscaping

One of the keys to a stunning landscape design is creating focal points with strategically placed flowering trees. There are dozens of gorgeous choices, so narrowing down the best flowering trees Southern California has to offer can be difficult. Pacific Outdoor Living has used dozens of species of flowering trees over the years. After thousands […]

How to Choose Among Los Angeles Landscape Contractors

Deciding on the best Los Angeles landscape contractor can seem intimidating. We’re here to demystify how to select the right landscaper near you, including a checklist of factors to consider from any professional landscaping company. A gorgeous landscape doesn’t just pop up from the Southern California soil. Thoughtful design and a conscientious installation crew are […]

Patio poolside with jacuzzi

How Much Does a Residential Landscape Design Cost?

Are you peering into your Southern California yard imagining renovating and transforming your property? Dozens of questions may be swirling in your mind but one predominant, initial question will emerge when beginning the exciting journey of the landscape design process. “How much does a landscape design cost?” But First, Why Pay for a Landscape Design? […]