xeriscaping for your landscape

Exploring Xeriscaping for Your Landscape

  Xeriscaping isn’t new to the landscape scene. However, recently, this landscaping trend has been attracting more attention among property owners. People are becoming more concerned about water conservation and one proof to this is the results of ASLA’s survey for 2016. A xeriscape is an example of a landscaping that works with existing resource […]

sand fire pit area

Family-Friendly Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Even when you’re skipping natural grass for outdoor flooring, you can still create outdoor rooms that your family, especially the kids, will love. Here are few family-friendly backyard landscaping ideas to consider. Bringing the Beachfront Vibe Dedicate a space in the yard where the kids can have fun all day while the grown-ups are also […]

Drought Tolerant Plant

Sustainable Landscape Design Tips and Ideas

Traditional landscaping is often pictured with lush greens – that which unfortunately demands heavy use of resources such as energy and water. These days, property owners are becoming more welcoming of a landscape that is as attractive and functional, but a lot more environmentally-friendly. The American Society of Landscape Architects describes sustainable landscaping as responsive […]

Minimalist Landscape Design Idea

How to Create a Relaxing, Minimalist Landscape

Minimalist landscaping proves that less could be more. That limiting use of design elements does not make your yard or garden less interesting. If anything, it makes it all the more neat, elegant, and calming. A minimalistic landscape design is ideal for frequent travelers who are often away from home, elders who could no longer […]

plaster walls in Mediterranean inspired landscapes

Defining Elements of Mediterranean Inspired Landscapes

How can you give your landscape a Mediterranean look and feel? The Mediterranean landscape design is popular among homeowners as the climate enjoyed in Mediterranean coastal areas is similar to that in Southern California. Sunny days are enjoyed almost year-round. A Mediterranean-inspired garden transports you to another place right as you step out of your […]

White Columns and Paving Stone Driveway

8 Benefits of Landscape Design

Do you worry about professional landscape design costing way too much? While some deem landscape design unnecessary, some also appreciate the value it brings to any property.  As with any investment you make, a landscape remodeling project requires care. It can feel overwhelming as you start but in the long run, you’d see it’s worth […]

Protecting Home from Heavy Rains

Protecting Your Home from Heavy Rains

Protecting your home is protecting your loved ones. Now that a potentially strong El Niño is brewing in the Pacific Ocean, there’s no better time to get ready than now. Where the Buzz is Coming from Experts describe El Niño as the periodic warming of ocean surface temperatures in central to eastern Pacific. This cycle then […]

Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping

6 Smart Tips for Planning Your Front Yard Landscaping

Your front yard is the part of your home that people get to see and experience first.  Hence, it’s important to be extra careful when giving it a makeover. Planning your front yard landscaping can be overwhelming as you’re confronted with several choices. But when it comes to figuring which design looks and feels right, […]

Outdoor Lighting Tips for Enjoying Your Landscape All Day

Outdoor Lighting Tips for Enjoying Your Landscape All Day

Do you spend more time at home in the evening than during the day? Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your landscape long into the night. It can also be used to set a festive ambiance or a particular mood, depending on the occasion you’re celebrating. With sufficient outdoor lighting, guests are able to navigate […]

Blue Eyed Grass California Native Plant

Why Use Native Plants for Your Landscape Design

Does the drought keep you from incorporating plants into your landscape design? You can still get started on your dream garden because you can make one that’s low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly.  And you need not look far as you can always use native plants. Feature the beauty of  Southern California into your garden, use native plants, […]