A Custom Pond Design

Custom Pond Design – A Backyard Luxury

Imagine you have a big garden in your backyard and a small pond surrounded by a stone wall with flowing water, and those summer afternoons when everyone is asleep, you are sitting by the pond, gazing steadily at thin green scum on the water. Sadly, you don’t have a pond. Don’t worry. A custom pond […]

Logan Paul pond

Exclusive: Building a Dream Koi Pond for Logan Paul in 24 Hours

When Logan Paul approached our pond division California Waterscapes with the idea for his dream koi pond, we had to say, “Yes!” Logan sought out the best pond builders “in the game” so naturally, he found us. The crew had a blast installing Logan Paul’s dream pond in under 24 hours. California Waterscapes helped transform […]

Enjoy Water Reclamation & A Beautiful Waterfall

The Aquascape RainXchange system allows homeowners to enjoy the beauty of a pond or waterfall, and all the benefits of a water reclamation system…

Create a Backyard Oasis with a Water Garden

Create A Backyard Oasis With A Watergarden

Water gardening is a great way to bring beauty and tranquility to your very own yard. Not only do you get…