English Garden Landscape Design

Backyard Pool with Brick Frame

English Garden Landscape Design

"Escape into the Beauty of Nature."

English Garden landscape design is full of sweeping greenery, geometric shapes and a mixture of  natural and man-made elements.
Plenty of brickwork, rustic wood and flowers make up an english garden.
Integrating these features into your home provides an escape into a natural setting, away from the hustle of the working world and into a place of beauty.

Elements Typically Found in a English Garden Home

English Brick Wall Estate

Brick Walls

English Tiled Roof

Tiled Roof

English Greenery Garden


English Water Features

Water Features

English Rustic Wood Garden By Pool with Sprinkler

Rustic Wood

Materials Used in English Garden Landscape Design

Brick Wall Red


Cobblestone Brick Wall


Flagstone Wall


Slate Material


Wrought Iron Gate


Elements Used in English Garden Landscape Design

Bench Stone Outside Pavement

Seating Areas

Fountain Water Surrounded by Green Plants


Hedges Landscape


Rustic Fence

Rustic Wood

Rose Garden

Rose Gardens

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