Terry Morrill and sons

Pacific Outdoor Living Is Now Employee Owned

Pacific Outdoor Living is now employee owned. At the end of 2017, Pacific Outdoor Living made an important structural change to the company. With the help of Terry Morrill, the owner, and his two sons, Chad and Trent, Pacific Outdoor Living is now an ESOP. An employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP for short, gradually allows the employees to purchase parts of the company. The employees buy pieces of the company from the owners. Becoming increasingly popular, Pacific Outdoor Living now joins over 10,000 other companies in the United States as an employee owned business.

What Is An Esop

Infographic by National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) from What Is an ESOP?

Why Make Pacific Outdoor Living Employee Owned?

Transitioning a business into an ESOP has many benefits. One of the more significant benefits of being an ESOP is the influence the employees have on the company. In an ESOP the employees are encouraged to perform in the best interest of the business. Since they are now shareholders, they feel their impact on the company directly. Companies structured as an ESOP tend to create a company culture of shared ownership, encouraging them to think and act like owners. This improves the way that the company operates since the shareholders feel the benefits of their hard work more directly.


A Promising Future

Since Pacific Outdoor Living is now employee owned, Terry said, “I’m confident about our future. We have a lot to look forward to.” Pacific Outdoor Living originally began in 2010. The Morrill’s, who operated only Pacific Pavingstone, took a giant leap into becoming a full landscape design-build company. Fast-forward to today and Pacific Outdoor Living has expanded immensely. Year after year they participate in events within the community such as the Pasadena Showcase. Additionally, this year they won the 2017 Hardscape North America award. Across the board, Pacific Outdoor Living completed over 7,500 projects and is still counting.

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