Custom Pond Design – A Backyard Luxury

Imagine you have a big garden in your backyard and a small pond surrounded by a stone wall with flowing water, and those summer afternoons when everyone is asleep, you are sitting by the pond, gazing steadily at thin green scum on the water.

Sadly, you don’t have a pond. Don’t worry. A custom pond can bring the exotic serenity to your backyard, letting you enjoy the sight and sound of water in your yard.

Custom Pond Design

Besides, a custom pond can remarkably enhance your landscape design, providing a refreshing look to your backyard space. A properly designed custom pond can bring an element of serenity to your surroundings that are hard to match with any other landscaping feature.

Now, building a custom pond is not a child’s play. A miscalculation with size and shape can completely kill the look of your garden. The best way to save some time and money, as well as obtaining the right result would be to consider hiring professionals offering pond installation services in your area.

The following guide will help you through the planning and installation of a new pond:

First of all – you need to position it carefully from where you will have great views for most of the time. Make sure your pond receives around 5 to 6 hours of sunlight for the plants and water conditions to stay at their best. If you want to install it in a partially shaded area, bear in mind that falling leaves and other debris may increase maintenance time and cost.

Pond Installation

Waterfall or No?

Should you want to add a waterfall, be sure to allow more space. Knowing where you want to have it built can save a lot of time and money.

Types of Pond:

  • Informal Pond: These ponds don’t have a regular shape. They tend to have gently varying depths and sloping sides.
  • Larger Pond: If you have enough room, you can consider building a larger pond. You can also take care of fish in your pond. Like any other pet, pond fish require a specific environment and special treatment to thrive. So, get in touch with an expert and plan your custom pond design before you proceed to dig.