Mediterranean Landscape Design

Pool Backyard LED Lights with Pave Stone and Seating Area

Mediterranean Landscape Design

"Bring the Beauty of the Mediterranean to Your Own Backyard."

Mediterranean landscape design is full of bright colors, terracotta veneer and water features.
It takes after the style found in cities along the Mediterranean Sea, and since the climate there is so similar to that found in Southern California,
it’s no surprise that it’s become so popular among homeowners here as well.

Elements Typically Found in a Mediterranean Home

House with Mediterranean Plaster Walls

Plaster Walls

Mediterranean tiled roof next to pool

Tiled Roof

Mediterranean stonework home with wooden door


Mediterranean Tuscan Columns

Tuscan Columns

Mediterranean Rustic Pergola and Seating Area

Rustic Wood

Materials Used in Mediterranean Landscape Design

Terracotta Tiles

Terra Cotta

Gravel Sample


Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite

Terracotta Tiles


Travertine Pavers


Elements Used in Mediterranean Landscape Design

Mediterranean Drought Resistant Plants

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Mediterranean stonework wall on the side of pool


Mediterranean Fire Features fire pit next to pool

Fire Features

Mediterranean Ceramic Tiles Steps


Mediterranean Rustic Furniture Chairs and Table

Rustic Furniture

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