Our Process

Call to Pacific Outdoor Living Office

1. A Call Comes into the Office

Our Call Center Schedules an Appointment that best Matches your Needs

2. Our Call Center Schedules an Appointment with the Site Analysis Unit to measure your property

Your Site is Measured

3. Your Site is Measured

The Measurements of your project

4. The Measurement Are Put into CAD and a Base Plan Is Drawn Up

paving stone sample wall

5. Designer meets you at our design center to discuss design and materials

designer client meeting

6. A Budget Amount is Established and a Design Agreement is Signed

Ensure All Setbacks and Restrictions

7. The Project Is Reviewed Here to Ensure All Setbacks and Other City Restrictions Are Not Being Violated

The First Conceptual Drawing

8. The First Conceptual Drawing Is Done.

Lead Designer Checks your Project

9. The Lead Designer Checks over the Project for Function, Aesthetics and Budget.

Conceptual Drawing Revisions

10. Revision to the Conceptual Drawing Are Made

Conceptual Drawing

11. The Designer Meets with You to Go over the Conceptual Drawing

More Revisions as Needed

12. More Revisions as Needed

The Project Gets Estimated

13. The Project Gets Estimated

The Project with Final Revisions

14. Project with Final Revisions and Cost Are Presented

Construction Contract

15. A Construction Contract Is Signed

The Working Drawings Are Completed

16. The Working Drawings Are Completed

Final Review to Ensure the Construction Details

17. Final Review of the Project to Ensure the Construction Details Will Result in What You Want

The Project Gets Engineered If Needed

18. The Project Gets Engineered If Needed

City Permits

19. City Permits Are Pulled

Our Construction Department

20. The Job Is Routed to Our Construction Department

Planning with Our Designer

21. Next Is the Job Walk with You, the Designer and Our Project Manager

Contact Out Project Manager for all queries

22. The Project Manager Is Now the Point of Contact

The Construction Is Underway

23. The Construction Is Underway

Driveway Installers

24. The Job Is Completed

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