John Durso has worked in every phase of landscape construction and is intimately familiar with all aspects and nuances of a job and what it takes to pull it off on a technical level. This experience, coupled with a great sense of aesthetics, design and spatial relationships, has turned him into one of the finest landscape designers in Los Angeles.

He began his career at the age of nineteen, designing, installing and maintaining tropical plant layouts for offices, homes and restaurants. As he continued his education in landscape design, his work grew and he began taking on larger and larger projects. Soon he was working on large estate homes and receiving glowing reviews for his designs.

As a result of his many years of construction experience in all areas (designer, sales coordinator, chief technical supervisor, etc.), he has developed an ability to walk through a project and see everything that’s wrong (and right) immediately. He prefers to have problems fixed right away rather than wait for the client to bring them up. He also likes to take advantage of any creative ideas that may come up and change his plans to further enhance the design.

Durso’s design portfolio contains a unique and diverse mix of styles. This is because he listens to his clients’ needs and creates his designs based on that. His goal is to clarify “foggy” idea in their head of what they want and to turn it into a reality. It’s very important to him that his clients trust him on all levels so he can achieve the common goal: making the project as beautiful and functional as possible.

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