About Us

Terry Morrill and sons
Before becoming Pacific Outdoor Living, we started out as Pacific Pavingstone, and only doing one trade: paving stone driveways and patios. Over the years, we were asked to do more and more things—from fireplaces to swimming pools.

Well in 2010, we took the plunge and made every mistake in the book trying to becoming a full landscape design-build company. If we knew how hard it was to do, we might not have started. But today we have almost arrived. I say almost because what I have learned for sure is that in order to be completely successful at anything, that “thing”, whether it be a stock brokerage or a landscape design-build company, needs to have within it people who are truly professionals at what they do. A professional is one that knows everything about his subject, is consistently learning how to get better, and is so good that he has judgement on what and how to do things because he understands the basic principles behind them. Not just the HOW but the WHY.

I also realized that there is NO short cut by sub-contracting to others and assuming that they “KNOW” the hows and the whys because they don’t. There is no trade school where one can get the information to be a pro, so we had to assemble the materials and put them together in a course format for the crews, the designers, the site analyzers, the estimators and the supervisors.

To answer the question “about us” or who we are, we are a company intent on creating professional products in each aspect of the landscape design process, from measuring your property through the design to the final completion.