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Calling all residents of Altadena! Are you ready to enjoy the outdoors more than ever? What if we told you there is no need to go beyond your own yard to experience nature? At Pacific Outdoor Living, we bring incredible outdoor spaces right to your own home. From fully-custom landscape designs, intricate water features, peaceful patios, outdoor kitchens to entertain, driveways, walkways and more, Pacific Outdoor Living brings your vision to life.

Garden design and landscaping services are our specialties at Pacific Outdoor Living, and our clients love the final product when we turn their property into their dream outdoor living space. We’ve completed over 7500 projects in Altadena and the surrounding areas!

With years of expertise and unlimited creativity, our in-house team designs across a range of aesthetics. What if you could escape to the Mediterranean in your own yard, surrounded by stunning marble, twisting vines, and colorful foliage? Or perhaps you prefer the traditional gardens of England with beautifully manicured hedges, formal brick, and geometric plots of flowers? Or maybe you find peace from modern designs with clean-cut pavers, drought-tolerant plants, and sleek firepits? Regardless of your style, our team is here to help.

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My wife, family and friends could not be more impressed. When an issue would arise, Trent, the owners son and basic boss of all, was open-minded and fair. There was NEVER a time I felt he was compromising my job or my business. There was no attempt to cut corners or compromise the integrity of their work or follow through with small  issues that needed to be corrected. If you want a great company, doing  exceptional and professional work, with a team that takes pride in their product and an owner that is very  customer friendly. This is the company to do business with.

Ross G.

Pacific Outdoor Living has saved us from such bad situations. Had a horrible contractor before which abandoned our project for over a year and left us in a mess. They were extremely patient and kind to our needs and gave us amazing design ideas. I can not express my gratitude to them enough. We were in very state when they took our project and gave us a beautiful backyard in such short time. Thank you Pacific Outdoor Living!

Teressa S.

About Landscaping in Altadena, CA

While some Southern California cities might be more well known, Altadena is a beautiful, unincorporated area of Los Angeles County, about 14 miles from downtown and directly north of Pasadena. Like several of the neighboring cities, Altadena began when Benjamin Eaton developed water sources to irrigate his vineyard. Few believed crops could thrive that close to the mountains; yet, after the land was sold, it became primarily agricultural. Now, residents can prove those doubts wrong by growing a variety of trees, flowers and other plants in their yards!

There are also several noteworthy landmarks in Altadena. Did you know the historic Mount Lowe Railway once carried passengers to resort hotels up in the San Gabriel Mountains (where there’s some fantastic hiking!)? While the railway goes through several cities, the most direct trail to the site, the Sam Merrill Trail, starts in Altadena. These are just some of the many reasons we love supporting the community of Altadena.

Do you know where Altadena’s name comes from? With “Alta” meaning upper and “Dena” as an abbreviation of Pasadena, Altadena is adjacent to Pasadena at an even higher elevation. This means while summers are hot and dry like Los Angeles, Altadena gets on average six more inches of rain than the nearby big city.

Altadena CA Landscaping Company

Greenery like this gets a little extra help thanks to the extra rain that Altadena’s geography receives.

Does this seem odd? It actually makes complete sense! When moist air from the coast is blown up the side of the San Gabriel mountains, the air cools as it’s pushed higher and higher up the mountainside. As the air cools, it turns into condensation and precipitation. Long story short: the most air turns to rain. Residents can plan on using plants that require a bit more rain than their neighbors in the city of Los Angeles. Pretty cool for Altadena!

So what does this climate mean for landscaping? Take advantage of the bit more rain for your yard. You might not need to only use drought-tolerant plants. Consider adding in some variety. At Pacific Outdoor Living, we consult closely with you to discuss the plants that will be best for your needs and aesthetics.

Altadena CA Landscaping Company

Water features in English-style landscaping are a great way to beautify your Altadena property.

Do you enjoy fragrant vegetation? Consider planting the varieties of sage native to california. Are you looking for a natural source of shade to escape the Southern California heat? We can plant a big California redwood or sycamore tree. Do you enjoy watching wildlife? By mixing and matching native California vegetation, we can attract local birds, butterflies and critters to play and dine in your yard.

By adding waterscapes like ponds, pools or fountains, we’re bound to attract even more wildlife. Our team will be happy to consult with you about which plants are right for you.

There are many plants native to the Altadena area including multiple varieties of sage, sand verbanas, ferns, manzanitas, milkweed, thistle, buckwheat, and even the California state flower – the poppy! Together, we can incorporate a variety of plants, waterscapes, paving and more to create a beautiful outdoor space perfectly suited to your aesthetics and lifestyle.

Front Yard, Back Yard & Pool Landscaping Experts

Residents of Altadena call on us to create private and serene backyard oases where they can spend time, host events, and enjoy the warm southern California weather.

As you can see by examining the page about Our Process, we begin by getting to know your needs over the phone so we can send an expert who understands your planned project for an in-person meeting and a consultation. The expert will take into account what you are looking to accomplish. From there we begin our process of planning and designing the ideal layout to incorporate different elements into an outdoor living space.

Altadena CA Landscaping Company

Rustic woodwork makes for magnificent accent pieces for your yard.

Pacific Outdoor Living is a team of landscape designers, administrative staff and project managers, all employees of the company. With everyone in-house, we have ultimate control over every element in our process. This is why we like to be transparent about our process so you know what to expect as we partner together.

First, we carefully select one of our designers that is best suited for your needs. This designer will meet you at your home to hear about your vision, measure your site, establish a budget, and sign a design agreement. We always want to confirm a budget up-front. This allows us to hone our creative options to bring you the best for your budget. Once this initial on-site meeting takes place, we draw up a base plan, check all city restrictions, and craft the first conceptual drawing.

Our lead designer then reviews the project to ensure function, aesthetics and budgets are all in line. Once the conceptual drawing is ready, our designer meets with you to discuss, listen to your feedback, and make revisions as needed. From here, we’re able to present you with a final project with cost.

After signing a construction contract and a final review of the project, we pull city permits and bring in our expert construction department. We introduce you to your project manager who, together with the designer, walks you through the job. At this point, sit back and watch your vision come to life!

Altadena CA Landscaping Company

Stonework and pools are great additions to your Altadena property.

Whether our project is installing a new fountain in your front yard or completely overhauling your backyard with a custom landscape design, we treat every project with the care you deserve. But don’t just take our word for it! Take a drive around Altadena and see some of our work in the community first hand! You can even drive to the nearby cities of Glendale, Pasadena and La Canada where we’ve completed hundreds of jobs.

Whether you’re not sure where to start and want design consultation, or you already have a vision in mind and you’re ready for a contractor, we’re happy to discuss how Pacific Outdoor Living can help. Please give us a call or complete the form on our site for a free in-person consultation. Together, we can make your dream outdoor space a reality!

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