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As your local landscaping contractors, Pacific Outdoor Living offers the people in the industry for an outdoor living custom design build project. Our crews have decades of combined experience and they love what they do. Their attention to detail makes for a successful, high-quality project that our clients love, every time!

At Pacific Outdoor Living, we’re passionate about creating unique spaces for homeowners all across the beautiful community of Pasadena. Our team is completely devoted to all things outdoors – from swimming pools and spas, patios, driveways, outdoor kitchens, walkways, ponds, fountains, and even full custom landscape designs.

We understand that each yard is unique, as well as each homeowner. Our in-house top landscape architects bring a range of gorgeous designs to life, from Mediterranean and English-garden to modern and drought-tolerant. But don’t just take our word for it; we invite you to browse our gallery for a glimpse at some of our proud work. You can even explore our work throughout Pasadena, where we’ve been passionately serving customers for years. Whether you’re seeking a small addition to your front or back yard or you’re looking for a complete outdoor transformation, Pacific Outdoor Living brings the ultimate experience and creativity to every project!

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About Landscaping in Pasadena, CA

Located just 10 miles northeast of Downtown Los Angeles lies the beautiful city of Pasadena – one of the very first cities to be incorporated into LA County. Pasadena is known all over the country, especially among die-hard football fans, as home to the Rose Bowl game and the Tournament of Roses Parade. But Pasadena isn’t know just for sports – it’s an epicenter for scientific and cultural institutions from CalTech to the ArtCenter College of Design to the Ambassador Auditorium.

It’s no wonder people flock here to establish arts and sciences; Pasadena is a naturally beautiful part of the state. Bordered by the Raymond Fault Line, the San Rafael Hills, and the San Gabriel Mountains, the city is truly surrounded by impressive geographic features. You’ll even spot the Arroyo Seco which flows from the Angeles National Forest. That’s why our team at Pacific Outdoor Living loves to extend some of this Pasadena nature right into your own yard!

Pasadena Landscaping Company

Drought resistant plants like these are popular in all of LA County, but may not be necessary for your landscape in Pasadena.

Just like the rest of Los Angeles County, Pasadena has a Mediterranean climate. With an annual high temperature of 78 degrees and a low of 58, the climate is quite comfortable. In fact, residents of Pasadena enjoy almost 300 sunny days per year! Sounds great? It is, except in June, when the infamous marine layer rolls in bringing what’s known locally as “June Gloom” and the cloudiest month of the year.

However, the fog usually burns off by July and residents can expect a nice heatwave through October. By November, temperatures drop off, Pacific storms roll in, and so do the also infamous Santa Ana winds. Don’t be fooled by the pretty name. These strong, warm winds can wreak havoc along their path, from power outages to damage and even wildfires. Expect to bring in your patio furniture and watch your plants for any destruction.

The community also experiences slightly toastier summers and slightly cooler winters compared to neighbors in coastal towns. Additionally, the city gets several more inches of rain than neighboring areas as well. While it might sound odd, this difference makes sense due to Pasadena’s location near the San Gabriel Mountains. When moist air from the coast is blown up the side of the mountains, the air cools as it’s pushed higher and higher up the mountainside. As the air cools, it turns into condensation and precipitation. Long story short: the most air turns to rain. Residents can plan on using plants that require a bit more rain than their neighbors in the city of Los Angeles. Pretty cool for Pasadena!

Pasadena Landscaping Company

Plaster walls as seen here are a popular choice for homeowners in Pasadena, CA.

What does the geography of the Pasadena area mean for landscaping? You might not need a drought-tolerant landscape!

Consider using some of the plants that are native to the Arroyo Seco area. There are some plants that thrive better here compared to neighboring areas farther from the watershed. Those plants include the California sagebrush, which gives off a distinct, lovely aroma.

Additionally, Toyon berries are bright red and decorate the watershed areas in the winter. These berries even draw local birds who love to eat them. If you love big stately trees, consider the western sycamore or the coast live oak. These plants are just a few options of native choices. Our team is happy to recommend others that would thrive in your community climate and blend well with your home aesthetic!

Landscaping & Pool Redesign Contractors in Pasadena

With our many years of experience in the Pasadena area, we’ve served many homeowners who wanted to transform their backyard into a serene area to enjoy the beautiful southern California weather in an intimate setting or with a large group of friends and family members. Whatever your desired experience, talk to us. We’ll help turn your yard into the outdoor living area of your dreams.

If you take a moment to learn about Our Process, you’ll see that we get to know your needs over the phone, first and foremost, so we can send an expert to meet you. We’ll send someone who understands your landscaping project for an in-person consultation.

The expert will explore what want to accomplish with your property’s landscaping. From there we begin our process of project planning and we design a layout to add various elements into the outdoor living space. Throughout the whole process we keep in close touch with you so you’ll never be left in the dark. We welcome questions from beginning to end.

Pasadena Landscaping Company

Tilework like this is common in Mediterranean-style landscaping, which is popular among Pasadena residents.

Are you ready to explore your landscaping options?

From the very start, our team is ready to partner with you, whatever your stage in the process. Are you looking for a change, but don’t know where to start? Or do you have a vision of your dream backyard and you’re ready to find a contractor? Regardless, Pacific Outdoor Living is here to help. We always begin with your budget in mind. Why do we seek to know the budget up front? Our goal is to bring you a custom space that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic. With endless design possibilities, a budget helps us design and create within the parameters that work for you.

Pasadena Landscaping Company

Rustic woodwork adds character to landscaping projects in the Pasadena area.

Once we begin partnering with our customers, you have access to a full team of experts, from landscape designers, administrative staff, and project managers, all of which are employees of the company. Keeping everything in house allows us to control each element, guaranteeing higher quality service every step of the way.

Our step-by-step process is geared to bring you this exceptional service from the start to a finished landscape.

First, our call center schedules an appointment with a designer that best matches your needs. The designer meets you at your home to assess the space, take measurements, establish a budget, and sign a design agreement together. From here, our skilled designers draw up a base plan and a first conceptional drawing while adhering to any city restrictions.

With each project, a lead designer checks over the project for function, aesthetics and budget, bringing additional layers of quality control. The designer then meets with you to review the conceptual drawing, making revisions as needed before presenting the project with final revisions, at which point a construction contract is signed.

Your team will then conduct a final review of the project, pull any necessary city permits, and bring in our expert construction department. Back at your home, your designer and project manager, who becomes your point of contact, walks you through the job, and construction begins!

Are you ready for your future outdoor living space? Give us a call or complete the form on our site for a free in-person consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

Pasadena Landscaping Company

Stonework can be used to add a Mediterranean look to your home’s exterior.

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