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Pacific Outdoor Living is a landscaping firm serving Sherman Oaks, CA and surrounding areas. We fulfill on projects of all sizes, from pools and patios to all types of landscapes and hardscapes for your front yard or backyard.

If you’re considering a landscape design project for your home, congratulations! You’re about to embark on an exciting journey that is guaranteed to provide you with endless enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Sherman Oaks CA Landscaping CompanyAll around Sherman Oaks, savvy homeowners are teaming up with Pacific Outdoors Living to turn their landscape fantasies to landscaping realities. Whether you’re dreaming of a large scale redesign or a smaller specific project, our experienced team of professionals are prepared to tackle any assignment you throw our way. We can design a backyard oasis with features like a pool, a patio, a pergola, an outdoor kitchen, put a new face on your walkways and driveways, or fashion you a lush front yard showcase to give your home extra curb appeal.

These days, there are so many exciting features and products to choose from. Firepits are currently one of the most desirable products, as are water features. In addition to pools -which we can design in every conceivable size, shape and style- ponds, waterfalls, and fountains, offering soothing and relaxing sounds have grown in popularity. Custom outdoor kitchens that rival even a gourmet kitchen are very in vogue in Sherman Oaks.

In Sherman Oaks, many outdoor landscape projects are constructed with entertaining in mind. Add a pergola for shading or a misting irrigation system, and you’re all set for daytime enjoyment. There’s no benefit to having a great outdoor space, if it’s too hot to enjoy it most of the time. Space heaters provide comforting warmth for cooler winter evenings, and suddenly, and you’ve got outdoor living 365 days of the year.

Front Yard, Backyard, and Pool Landscaping Services

While your project will be tackled as its own unique opportunity, Pacific Outdoors Living tackles each project in a similar manner. A preliminary consultation will take place at your home. The designer will discuss with you your dream outcome for the project and conduct a walk through of the property noting issues such as the site’s strengths and weaknesses, the soil quality, sun and shade, hill and slopes.

Sherman Oaks CA Landscaping Company

Factoring everything into account, a preliminary budget will be created and presented to you for approval. After listening to your ideas and priorities, the designer develops a concept plan for review. The design plan will evolve over time until a final master plan represents the culmination of your choices with the designer.

Aspects of the project will be dealt with by your Pacific Outdoors Living landscape design team such as critical issues like permitting and matters pertaining to engineering. But you’ll probably want to participate in the fun decisions like the selection of furniture, plants and sculptures. There you be a constant monitoring of budgets and deadlines. You’ll have no surprises except the delight you’ll feel when your landscape project becomes the envy of Sherman Oaks.

There may be unique challenges specific to your property, but if landscape designers encounter an unexpected or unavoidably unanticipated obstacle, their wealth of experience has prepared them to overcome these challenges. You will have confidence that Pacific Outdoors Living will deliver the desired outcome on time and on budget.

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About Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is often confused as a city, but it’s actually a neighborhood within the City of Los Angeles. Popular with families seeking suburban comforts, the area is highly desirable in part due to its proximity to West Los Angeles, where real estate is more expensive. Sherman Oaks typically offers a slightly larger lot, homes with character and a strong neighborhood feel.

Once blanketed by citrus groves, like much of the San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks became one of the first commercially and residentially developed neighborhoods during the 1950s. The community is named after its developer, Gen. Moses Hazeltine Sherman, a partner of the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company. The company subdivided 1,000 acres of land each of which was sold for $780 in 1927.

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Bordered by busy freeways, it features a pair of slick shopping malls – the open-air Sherman Oaks Galleria and the Westfield Fashion Square. Ventura Boulevard, the area’s main commercial strip, is easily navigated and pedestrian friendly. A great collection of hip eateries and watering holes keep company with old-school Mexican and burger joints and mom-and-pop shops on quiet, tree-lined streets. The area serves as a backdrop for many energetic events, including the Sherman Oaks Chamber Street Fair, the biggest annual event in the Valley drawing more than 100,000 attendees.

As movie studios outgrew Hollywood, they spread into areas such as Sherman Oaks. Film stars moved to the Valley in search of a neighborhood that offered both proximity and privacy. Silver screen legends Marilyn Monroe and Bing Crosby both owned homes in Sherman Oaks and the neighborhood is the birthplace of modern day notables Jennifer Aniston and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Park houses an auditorium, baseball diamonds, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, a 60-person community room, a lighted American football field, an indoor gymnasium, a lighted soccer field, and lighted tennis courts. With a children’s play area and picnic tables, it plays host to many family gatherings. Also on site is the Van Nuys Sherman Oaks Pool, a seasonal outdoor heated swimming pool. Nearby, the Dixie Canyon Park, a 20-acre open space preserve features many hiking trails. The city also operates the Sherman Oaks Castle Park house an arcade, batting cages and miniature golf facilities.

Landscaping in Sherman Oaks

The climate of Sherman Oaks is typical of the LA metropolitan area. The year-round mild-to-hot and mostly dry climate is classified as a Mediterranean – dry and subtropical. It is characterized by seasonal changes in rainfall—with a dry summer and a winter rainy season. In San Fernando Valley, the summers are short, hot, arid, and clear and the winters are long, cool, wet, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 45°F to 92°F and is rarely below 38°F or above 100°F.

Sherman Oaks CA Landscaping CompaniesHeat and lack of water can be factors behind some landscaping decisions, especially in determining selection of vegetation. But our creative and innovation team of landscape designers at Pacific Outdoors Living is prepared to explore many possibilities. Drought-tolerant landscape design takes low water-usage plants and greenery to create a design that not only looks beautiful, but requires little to no water to maintain, helping you do your part in keeping the water shortage under control. Sample plants used in drought tolerant landscape design such as Pride of Madeira, Lime Magik, Cactus, Evening Glow and Paddle Plant are practical but still beautiful.

Selecting local native plants can be a great way to go. Native plants are easier to grow, healthier, and require little or no artificial irrigation when they are planted in an area in which they evolved and naturally belong. Some great choices include:

  • Desert mallow, an evergreen shrublet with fuzzy, silvery, crenulated leaves and cupped flowers in shades of brilliant orange to watermelon red. It blooms in early spring and after the unusual summer rain.
  • Giant wild rye, a tall grass that has broad, bluish blades and grows into a large, handsome clump. ‘Canyon Prince’ is a popular selection. It grows in full sun to full shade and requires very little irrigation after established.
  • San Miguel Island buckwheat is a beautiful mounding perennial that features tight, roundish leaves and peglike flower spikes topped in tufts of rose pink flower clusters from summer to fall. It is beloved by birds and butterflies.
  • Hummingbird sage is a low growing, mat forming perennial that has a fruity fragrant leaves and stalks of intense pink flowers in spring. It’s very attractive to hummingbirds and is perfect for under oaks and other dry growing trees and shrubs.

With so many exciting decisions to be made in your landscaping design project, it’s no wonder that the homeowners of Sherman Oaks welcome the expertise and creativity of the professionals at Pacific Outdoors Living to guide them in their decisions.

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