5 Essentials to Building Your Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love gathering around a bonfire? The good thing is, we can now indulge in this tradition anytime we want to with the help of a backyard fire pit.

Fire pits make your outdoor living space all the more inviting. Long conversations, backyard parties, barbecues, story time with kids – you can entertain guests or bond with your family around this hit backyard feature. And with the warm summer nights on us, fire pits couldn’t be more relevant.

Installing a fire pit cannot be done instantly though. There are several things you need to consider, and here are few of those.


Round Backyard Fire Pit
1. Style. There are various fire pit designs you can choose from. Shapes vary from the round ones or the traditional fire bowl version, to the rectangular or square type that feature a more contemporary look. Fire pit dimensions, on the other hand, also differ and deciding which one to go for will most likely depend on your yard size. Pick a style that blends well with the theme or ambiance you want for your backyard. You can also search our gallery for inspiration and then discuss them later with your fire pit builder.


Using Wood for Backyard Fire Pit
2. Fuel. You can make use of wood, propane, or natural gas. Wood is a popular choice because of its natural outdoor smell. However, this choice may pose challenges to homeowners in terms of getting supplies, lighting the wood, and monitoring smoke the fire pit produces. Propane and natural gas, meanwhile, are non-toxic fuels used in home appliances such as stoves and ranges, and are also known to be safer than wood for outdoor use.


Lava Rock Fire Pit
3. Material. Your choice of materials for a backyard fire pit can range from stone, to stainless steel, and even copper. Stones allow for versatility in terms of design. Stainless steel, meanwhile, are rust and rain-resistant. Copper fire pits also make for stylish outdoor feature. You can always consult outdoor living professionals to helping you build your backyard fire pit.


Outdoor Fireplace
4. Placement. Safety is an utmost concern for homeowners. Make sure to choose a strategic location for your fire pit. Keep it away from anything that might catch fire. Consider placing it in an empty space, or perhaps in an area where you can view it from home. Look into the wind direction as well, so you can avoid catching smoke and embers when you’re supposed to be having fun with your guests. Positioned wisely, fire pits can easily serve as the focal point of your backyard.


Colorful Rock Backyard Firepit
5. Safety. Last but not the least is safety. Make sure that your backyard fire pit is situated away from home and from any combustible material. Exercise extra caution if your fire pit is on a wooden deck. Also, consider investing in a cover and be sure to clean your fire pit regularly to increase its longevity.

Once you’ve considered these factors, you can move on to choosing the best backyard fire feature for you.